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NSW Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Strategy

NSW Public Service Commission

Project Director - Rivkah Nissim

Project Manager - Anita Budwee

The NSW Public Service Commission engaged Inside Policy to design the 2019-2025 Aboriginal Employment Strategy for the NSW public sector. The strategy was designed to support Aboriginal people and increase the number of Aboriginal staff in positions in the NSW public sector. It builds on the previous strategy and aims to foster a pipeline of Aboriginal staff and make the public sector a place where employees can feel safe and secure.

The strategy was created using a co-design process. This involved workshops and interviews, a collaborative drafting process and building in findings from the previous strategy and a best practice discussion paper.

Findings from the last strategy showed good progress was being made on targets. NSW is leading other jurisdictions in Aboriginal employment. The new strategy seeks to address areas of varied results, such as retention and attraction of staff, by ensuring Aboriginal people have their potential maximised and the NSW public sector maximise the benefits and value of a diverse and exclusive workforce.


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