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IDX Roadmap – Indigenous Digital Excellence: Looking to 2030

National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

Project Director - Natalie Walker

In 2016 Inside Policy was engaged by the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence to consult in the development of the Indigenous Digital Excellence National Strategy. The purpose of the Strategy was to identify how to increase Indigenous Australians' participation in the digital economy.

In developing the Strategy, we conducted desktop data analysis of existing Strategy development work and undertook extensive consultation with key stakeholders including Indigenous digital makers, government agencies and community groups. We developed a comprehensive digital and non-digital consultation plan, including launching an IDX National Strategy consultation website and facilitating a three-day IDX Design Summit to determine the focus of the National Strategy. The Strategy was then subjected to rigorous internal and external testing.

The Strategy we developed is a sector-wide strategy with clear guiding principles, priorities and enabling practices to achieve a future where Aboriginal and TorresStrait Islanders are leaders in global digital technologies and economies. The priorities of the Strategy are social and health outcomes, culture and country, employment, entrepreneurship and education.


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