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Got an intractable problem?

We enable you & your team to see the solutions.

This is how we do it.

We bring together inventive minds from a range of disciplines to help you solve complex social, cultural and economic policy problems.


We love contemplating, designing & sharing innovative solutions to longstanding problems.


No matter the size of the task, we always:


We work with you to understand the problem you're trying to solve & develop a team approach for designing a solution.


Having clearly defined the problem, we get to work by undertaking research, identifying bright spots and gaining early buy-in from critical change agents.


This is where the good stuff really happens. We work with you and critical change agents to design and prioritise solutions.


We provide you with key insights and innovative new directions so we can design with you a practical game plan to make positive change happen.

We apply this approach to:

  • workshop facilitation

  • strategic planning

  • impact measurement

  • policy & program design

  • solution design

  • research

Want to see examples of our work? Ok.

The Challenge
The Solution

To obtain the experiences and insights from a representative sample of the community which was to benefit from the client's to be designed economic development plan.


A particular obstacle was the history of limited engagement with the section of the community the client's economic development plan was designed to benefit.

In partnership with the client, we developed and implemented an engagement approach that combined digital and traditional methods to reach the community, build their trust, enable them to participate and gather their insights.


Over a six week period, using these methods, the experiences and insights of a representative sample were achieved.


The client is now finalising its economic development plan.

In partnership with the client, we designed a review framework which we then implemented. Key to establishing innovative future directions for the program was building on the review findings with external data from thought leaders, literature and models of success.


A concept for the future direction of the program - based on all the data - was tested and refined with a working group of senior management and board of the client. This co-designed model - which unlike any other in Australia - is now in the process of being implemented.

The Challenge
The Solution

To undertake a program review with the purpose of identifying innovative ways the client could invest in to grow the next generation of leaders in and for business.

Some of the organisations we've assisted.

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